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sportsWith vast experience and expertise in the education sector, IQ education consultants have realized the fact that good education alone cannot help in overall development of an individual. As a result, we have designed special summer sports programs to give valuable exposure to students. IQ Education Consultants offers a wide array of options in the field of sports. Special summer programs are offered to students from all age groups and ability levels. Students are given the chance to participate in a wide range of sports in either exclusive sports camps or sport specific camps in other countries. Multi sports camps offered by IQ Education consultants provide a unique opportunity for individuals to pursue their passion. Our multi-sports summer facilities provide students with a fun-packed and refreshing environment.

The summer sports programs are more than just sports. These camps not only help the campers inculcate skills in a wide range of sports but also but also develop leadership skills and teamwork that are necessary in today’s world. IQ offers various sports programs in foreign countries like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and other such countries that are specialized in a particular sport. From basketball to golf to swimming, IQ Education consultants offer customized programs according to your preferences. In addition to fun sports, IQ also offers Adventure related summer sports programs in Switzerland, the USA and the UK. Rope courses, team adventures, water rafting, ice skating, mountaineering, trekking, bouldering and climbing are some of the adventure sports offered as part of the summer sports program. The list is endless with multifarious options to choose from in diverse foreign territories.

IQ has been providing innovative sports camps in various international locations. We are committed to provide an exciting summer experience of learning, enjoyment and friendship. These summer programs last for about 2 months – July and August. Nonetheless, the entire period of the program is divided into sessions that might last for 10-15 days each. IQ education consultants offer summer sports programs that are not only affordable but also provides an intensely integrated ecosystem that is beneficial to campers. Depending on the kind of program and country of preference, the cost might vary between US $ 50 and US $ 600. Our mission is to enhance student mobility all across the world. IQ also assists individuals with the application and registering procedure of various summer sports programs across the globe. We also provide an authentic schedule of all the summer sports programs in foreign nations thereby allowing interested candidates to choose the program of their preference. In addition, all the details are provided in advance so that individuals can apply for visa and submit necessary documents. It is our aim to help individuals in cultivating all the essential skills required for overall development. In addition to academic skills, we also give importance to sporting skills for physical fitness.