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internshipIt's very high time of competition, if you want to discover your passion and want to advance your studies without the pressure of grades. IQ is here in front of you.

Duration of Summer Internship with IQ:

The duration of this IQ summer internship program is one to four weeks; it’s depending on your choice that what kind of program you have selected. Whether you are seeking for college credit, exploring a new interest or want to experience campus life, Summer Internship with IQ has got you covered. Not just this much, we will help you to find a program that both sets you apart from your high school peers and also it will helpful to you for leaving a lasting impression for years to come.

What are the benefits IQ Summer Internship Program?

  1. To build a robust foundation of college experience by earning up to 3 to 6 College credits before you graduate high school.
  2. To explore your areas of interests which are accelerated in you, hands-on environment while experiencing campus life and the excitement of Washington, New York, Boston, Oxford and Cambridge?
  3. It motivates you and increases your morale to look your life in more positive way. In this program all undergraduate and high school students will get opportunity to intake sessions for one or two or five week on one of the top US and Up Universities.

List of the Internship Summer Programs

  1. Forensic Science: Learn about how you can replace your problem with easy way and broaden your knowledge in the field of crime scene investigation. And also you will get a chance to meet with professionals in the forensic science industry. In short we must say that - Work as a team to solve a "murder" on campus using forensic science, criminal justice and the latest in crime scene investigation technology.
  2. University prep Programs: This university preparation is a summer course for all those who are dreaming for high-achievements. And also for ambitious students who are thinking about going to a world-renowned UK /US university. This comprehensive entrance preparation course gives international students, the best possible chance of gaining a place at one of the leading universities. At this place, students learn how to prepare their applications, develop the skills to be successful at interviews and grow in confidence.
  3. English with visits to Oxford and Cambridge Campuses: English is must for all who wants to be future leaders of their generation. Basically in this program English language course is conducted that includes lessons and activities on public speaking, leadership skills, team building, good manners, business English, the art of negotiation and persuasion and many more key skills needed for high-powered jobs within the international community.
  4. Personality Building: In this course IQ is try to develop the qualities of leadership, decision-making, moral leadership, empowerment, international decision-making and ethics. So that you should aware how to leverage partnerships and build coalitions that enhance your strengths.
  5. The Film Director in You: This course basically suitable for beginners. As students are with limited video experience, so the professional personalities having long time experience delivered the perfect training. Throughout the course students produce, direct and edit a short narrative film also.
  6. Adventure, sports and pure fun camps: In Switzerland /UK and the USA universities create environment of sporty so that everyone is free from all hassles. Try to create the fun by involving sports activities like Basketball with Celtics, Golf/Tennis with English, Swimming and horse riding, and more.

Not just these, there are more programs are available with us just for you. So, if you really want to enhance your personality and want to achieve something good for yourself or for your family you have to first recognize yourself only. For that we offer you our summer internship program so that you achieve your target goal.