IQ education Consultants


professionalIQ education consultants offer various professional summer programs in diverse fields. Basically, these are non-degree programs specially designed to provide first-hand experience in a particular sector. Generally, people who lack practical experience in a certain field find these programs more helpful. These programs are organized with a purpose of training individuals prior to their recruitment in a sector. Practitioners and executives from diverse fields of work can join these short courses specifically designed to impart crucial skills and essential knowledge about current trends in the market.

Professionals in top universities are appointed for this job. These professionals have vast experience in the field of engineering, biotechnology and energy resources. Candidates can either gain practical knowledge by directly approaching an industry or attend classroom lectures to obtain theoretical knowledge of the essentials. Professional summer programs help you take a lead in your organization and drastically enhance its efficiency in the long run. Various universities in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy and Malaysia are known to offer these programs during summer.

Another added advantage of the professional summer program is that there is no specific age limit for attendees unlike other summer programs. A person from any field of work and skill level can join a professional summer program by following a simple application procedure. IQ education consultants provide all the necessary assistance required to successfully register into a professional summer program in any of the world’s leading universities. In the United States, Massachusetts Institute of technology conducts professional summer programs as part of its short courses. Attendees from technical, business and scientific fields are welcome to join these programs.

Each year new courses are added to the professional summer program, making it more interesting and innovative for the candidates. Some of the courses included in a professional summer program are-

  • Computing and security.
  • Crisis management.
  • Energy resources and sustainability.
  • Manufacturing sector.
  • Mechanical engineering and designing aspects.
  • System engineering.
  • Innovation.

There are several more programs in addition to the aforementioned ones that attendees can choose from. Candidates are also allowed to create their own customized professional summer program provided it is accepted by the foreign institution. As these programs allow only a limited number of entries, it is advised to register well in advance so that you don’t miss out on any opportunities. IQ will also render its services thereby ensuring that a candidate meets all the deadlines efficiently.


The duration of a professional summer program is usually from one to two weeks depending on the type of course and other preferences such as the foreign country and university. The cost of these programs is generally on the higher side with programs starting from as low as US $ 2500 to more expensive programs in top universities that cost about US $ 6000.