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CV Building

cvChoosing the right words at the right time may help you get through a face to face interview but a poorly written Curriculum Vitae or C.V. Can hamper your college application beyond repair. The chances of a student getting his name shortlisted with a college primarily depend on how well you can convince the admission committee to choose you over thousands of competitive application laying in front of them. There is no doubt that writing a winning C.V is an art.


Needless to say that a customized C.V is required while applying for different colleges, but the winning ingredients of a flawlessly drafted C.V are:


Personal Information
Details like name, address, telephone number are a few details that are mentioned here. Now, choosing the right details to provide to an admission committee is a task in itself. A council may not be interested in knowing the name of your pets or how many friends you have. Details should only be included after a careful consideration of the demands of the university.


Statement or Heading
A college would like to know your what you plan to do with the time you spend with them in near future. The words selected here should be precise and enthusiastic in nature compelling the committee to consider your application.


To know more about the statement, click here ….


Academic Qualification
This part of a Curriculum Vitae demands your educational qualification. How much did you score? What was your percentile? Which school did you go to? What grade you were awarded with? All these questions should be answered in a format prescribed by the university. In case there is no suggested format, the university expects you to come up with a creative way of delivering the information across.


Professional Experience
The majority of the population applying for a bachelors degree does not have an impressive list of companies under their belt. It is inevitable that your application would be rejected if the university’s norms do not match your experience. Only mention the relevant experience here for which you could provide the lawful documentation, when demanded.


Don’t have professional experience?

Extracurricular achievements:
A university would want to know what kind of a personality you have. In this section you are supposed to mention all those activities which are not covered under your school curriculam. Sports, arts, software development, community service, house captain etc., could be used to impress the panel of judges.


Additional information
If you have done any relevant research or publication, please mention it under this part.


Another important thing to remember; everything that has been mentioned by a student in their resume has to be original and true for any college to consider it as a reflection of what your life has been till now. So make sure that the information that you provide is entirely true eliminating any surprises through intense reference check that a university conducts.


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