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Study in India

Study in India

India has the second largest population in the world with more than 1.2 billion people residing in various parts of this country. A mixed climatic conditions are offered to foreigners. Travelling to India is one of the most peaceful, learning and a soul searching experience for tourists. The seventh largest country in the world is known to be the most colourful nation where almost every day is celebrated by locals through festivals in distant parts of the country. India has to offer 1,600 regional dialects and 18 major languages and not only the world famous chicken tikkas and spicy curries.

India has witnessed a major turnaround since 1991 when the foreign policies were relaxed and the entire world was welcomed with open arms. A major hub for FDI and a stable growing rate, India offers a an ever growing, well structured and globally recognized educational facilities. IQ Education Consultants  have a gathered feedback from a lot of happy, satisfied and successful students who chose to study here. We approve and support students to go ahead and decide to study in India.


Education In India
With a whopping 44% increase in the number of foreign students in the last year, more are expected to choose India as their study destination. India has the 10th largest economy in the world with a GDP rate of 6.1% ensuring plenty of job opportunities and good education prospects. India has around 400 major universities and more than 17,000 schools and institutes. The degrees and certificates being offered in India are recognized around the world and are controlled by 3 major Educational bodies.  

  • AICTE – All India Council For Technical Education
  • UGC – University Grants Commission
  • MHRD – Ministry of Human Resource Development.

The majority of courses offered in Universities, colleges and schools around the country are delivered in English.  India has a massive English speaking population which makes life much easier for a student opting this country as his overseas education destination. With presence of almost all the corporate and fortune 500 companies, India has to offer a bright and a prosperous future.