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artsAs arts studies continue to grow in popularity, we have emphasized on this department by offering exclusive art summer programs in leading universities across the globe. IQ education consultants offer art summer programs in top institutions of the United States and Europe. Students from diverse backgrounds are intensively trained in under the guidance of highly qualified professionals. During the program, hundreds of presentations on different art fields such as music, theatre, visual arts and dance are shown to students.

In addition to classroom lectures, programs offered by IQ education consultants offers various outdoor recreational facilities at course venues. We are committed to providing all the necessary information to students during and after the application process that will help them join a program in a foreign territory. All these programs are open to both undergraduate as well as high school students. Students who are already pursuing a technical course can opt for these courses to enjoy and have fun during summer.

Not only are these programs great stress relievers but also focus on critical aspects such as innovation and creativity thereby encouraging overall development of an individual. This is why, critical writing is an important aspect of the art summer program. Students who are interested in literature can opt for this division of the summer art program. This program provides students with an intensive course in the field of writing. General writing assignments, reading assignments, critique and regular discussions are a part of the regular course schedule. Another division of an art summer program is the general arts course that offers a wide array of major and minor courses to choose from. This is beneficial for those who wish to explore various areas of arts.

Direction and photography is another field included as part of an art summer program. Students are given the first hand experience of photography as well as motion picture direction. In addition to these, students are also exposed to fundamentals of theatre arts. Students are given the opportunity of working with top artists in the field. Production and visual arts also included as part of the curriculum. On the other hand, a separate visual arts course is also available to students. In this model, students are given the opportunity of turning their discrete ideas into a visual form. This is beneficial in enhancing creativity and imagination of an individual.

The art summer programs are offered by many art colleges across the world. However, in order to apply to any program, a student needs to have studied the course earlier or at least possess basic background knowledge of the subject. Depending on the choice of country and institution, the cost of a full-fledged art summer program might range from US $ 250 to US $ 1800.