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The basis of any application is that it has to be about the student and has to be true, complete, proofed and well written. If a college application is not up to the standards of the college, it is coldly rejected by the admission committee. Therefore it is important that an application is error free and noise proof.

Our application assistance service helps a student to write a winning admission application for the desired college increasing the chances of acceptance and terminating the chances of rejection. The application process for studying abroad in confusing and time consuming, so a student should be aware of the application submission dates well in advance. A student should know when to start collecting his documents, marks, exam papers, letters etc. Although all the universities abroad have a separate filing process but the main ingredients are:

Shortlisting the college and country

The obvious first step to request an application with any college is that a student should know the university and the country that he wants to apply for. This is a time consuming process and takes understanding, maturity, family and friends support. After the selection of the best possible option, a student has to request the college for an application form. We help define a set successfully set procedure we have followed for many years in helping a student understand what he wants and contacting colleges for further details.

Tentative test and last dates

A student should know what test he should appear in terms of qualifying for the college of his choice. We have made the students aware of the last dates and test dates so that everything goes smoothly and there is no last minute rush.

Completing the minimum eligibility criterion

Colleges aborad have a minimum eligibility criterion. Usually a student would apply to a college for which he is eligible but in certain cases the eligibility is not met. We inform students regarding the time limit the way to meet the minimum eligibility of the college of their choice.

Personal details proof

Any application would require personal details of the applicant, We make sure that a student has all the proof of the information that he provides in the application form that is to be submitted to the college.


Family background and earning

A college is interested in knowing the family background of the student, any criminal records, frauds or ill statements about the family are to be disclosed in front of the college. It is rare that a college would miss out on these important details during its thorough reference checks.

English language and other important Tests

As a student prepared for his entrance and other eligibility exams like TOEFL, GMAT, SAT and IELTS, he should know when the results are to be disclosed in front of the college. The scheduling and planning for his appearance in these tests is to be planned according to the college intake.

Scholarships/ Financial Aids

Many students applying for foreign universities require financial assistance. Our experts at IQ education consultant specialize in getting the students loans and scholarships important for his dreams to come true.