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Study in Netherlands

Study in Netherlands

The Kingdom of The Netherlands means ‘low country’ stating the fact that it is below the sea level. This country has always been associated with windmill and clogs but is also one of the most stable and wealthiest countries in the world. Also known as Holland with its glorious and long colonial history it is one of the most esteemed members of the European union, spread a little of 41,000 sq. kms and Amsterdam as its capital, Netherlands has to offer a variety of courses to abroad education aspirants from around the world.


Offering a relaxed, easy and fun filled lifestyle, Holland makes sure that the students have a pleasant stay in the country. With a stable and constant growing economy, Netherlands has much to offer in term of a bright andsuccessful career options for students opting to study here. Our specialty and networking in the European union enables us to help students clear the formalities of immigration and student visa requirements for this Netherlands.

Education In Netherlands

With a constant exposure in the European union, The Dutch offers a broad list of curriculum choices to choose from. It has more than a 1600 study programs catering to the needs of more than 50,000 foreign students. Netherlands comprises about 95% of English speaking population making it easy for foreign students to learn and stay in this country. Holland has many universities that are ranked in the top 500 institutes of the world.


The Netherlands was the first non – English speaking nation to provide courses delivered in English language for foreign students coming to study from around he globe. Known for its expert research and fellowships, Dutch people are warm and make sure that any of the cultural differences are tackled with a sensitive outlook. The education control is mostly with the government which means that the fee is subsidized and the living expenditure for students are also limited and controlled.