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Scientific Summer ProgramsIQ Education consultants provide an amazing and unique opportunity to students who wish to spend their summer studying about latest trends on science and technology. Every year universities introduce new scientific summer programs for students of all age groups and ability levels. These programs are not only interesting but also give an individual the first-hand experience of using scientific gadgetry. Students are given the opportunity to practically implement science that they have already studied in books.

Various institutions all across the world cater to these courses during summer. From nuclear physics and space astronomy to chemical sciences, we offer a wide variety of programs in world’s leading science institutes. These programs are available for both undergraduate as well as high school students. In addition to this, there are paid programs through which a student can work as an intern and earn at the same time. This is another way of earning while learning during your summer vacations.

On the other hand, students who have completed their postgraduate course and are likely to pursue their doctorate can also join this program. Countries such as the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, etc have several exclusive research facilities that organize scientific summer programs. In the US alone there are more than 50 research centers that conduct summer courses for students. Scientific summer programs are also coordinated by various engineering and robotics schools in foreign territories.

Through these programs students are made familiar with scientific equipments used in research centers and laboratories, procedure of conducting an experiment and problems faced by researchers during the process. This is an enjoyable experience to learn something in actual research atmosphere. Scientific summer programs may also include forensic sciences. This division of science involves crime scene investigation using scientific evidences such as finger prints, chemicals, etc. At IQ education consultants, we provide all the relevant data in a systematic and timely manner to help students join scientific summer programs in leading science institutions.

Scientific summer programs are beneficial for those students who wish to become researchers and scientists in some of the world’s most technologically advanced labs like the CERN. Classroom lectures, practical courses and working on real issues are a part of this program. Students are exposed to diverse critical situations faced by scientists thereby enhancing their ability to solve problems. The duration of a scientific summer program might vary according to the science field and the type of program – beginners or advanced leaning course. However, the program might last from about a week to 20 days depending on the research center. The cost of such programs is usually on the higher side with the price of a summer course ranging from about US $ 450 to US $ 5000. Top universities with foreign research tie-ups generally charge more than other science and research centers.