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business summerIf you are a student with ideas for establishing an own company, IQ education consultants can assist you in turning those ideas into reality. We offer a great deal of business summer programs in leading educational institutions across the globe. Few of these courses are also paid and give you the initial impetus to start a business. These programs provide hands-on experience in top industries in addition to systematic coaching to help you understand the basic requirements for starting a company. Not only do these give valuable experience in actual industries but also exposes you to the potential problems faced during the entire process.

IQ Education consultants also guide you through the application procedure of these business programs. We provide all the relevant information and authentic schedule of business summer programs in foreign universities and other institutions well in advance so that you do not face any problems while meeting deadlines during registration or application of visa. Students might also be entitled to cash benefits once their applications are accepted in some institutions. However, this is not the case with all institutes offering business summer programs. Students are given the choice of pursuing a business summer program in various nations such as Canada, the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, Italy and Germany.

On the other hand, if you are not looking to open a new company but instead wish to gain requisite business skills to get a job, IQ education consultants offers several programs in business schools where you can join as an intern. These business summer programs usually last for about 30-45 days. These accelerator programs help individuals to quickly shift from an academic platform on to a business platform. These kinds of programs are valuable for those who have very little or absolutely no business experience. Business summer programs of this sort not only help students learn business fundamentals but also leadership, time management and team work skills that are necessary for working with any company.

These programs provide all the essential skills that employers ask for in a student. With several hours of classroom time and numerous real-world projects for leading companies across the globe, you will have enough expertise at the end of the program to join any organization. Students are acquainted with skills in the field of marketing, logistics, operations and finance. Business summer programs are available for both high school as well as undergraduate students looking to gain experience in the business sector. While the duration of the business summer program lasts from about a week to 1 month or 2 months, the cost of the entire program might vary according to your choice of country and program. Nonetheless, any business summer program might cost you anywhere between US $700 to US $ 4000.